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A year or so with Mr. V in photos!


35 Rows of ____________

Rows and rows of BOURBON.  Recently I visited the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky with Gary Wong.  This is where I encountered rows and rows of bourbon barrels and rows and rows of bourbon bottles.  The operation was impressive and the atmosphere was heady as the ‘Angels’ Share’ went wafting heavenward.

My favorite part of the tour? The tasting.


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28 My first visit to Cincinnati

This photo actually represents two firsts.  My first visit to Cincinnati and my first visit to Skyline Chili.

I took Gary’s advice and ordered a 4-way, which begins with spaghetti topped with 4-way chili then buried under a mountain of shredded cheddar cheese and two Coney Dogs.  Coney dogs are half-length hot dogs, stuffed into a soggy roll, topped with chili, and mounded with the obsequious mountain of shredded cheddar cheese.

Quite the gastronomic experience!  The next time you find yourself in Cincinnati, put this great neighborhood joint on your must visit list. Just ask any Cincinnatian, everyone there knows where it is!




Theme A6 Stripes

What better examples than Zebras to illustrate this theme?  These are Grant’s Zebras, done in monochrome, which I believe really standout because they blend so well with their background.

The pattern of stripes is different on each individual animal, not unlike fingerprints are to humans.  Unlike fingerprints though, this unique pattern of stripes enables other zebras to recognize each other from a distance.