Visions by Vincent

A year or so with Mr. V in photos!


27 My Favorite Place

I can walk through the Marie Selby Gardens every week and never become bored.  There is always something new to see among the venerable and familiar surroundings.  Certainly the flowers and the gardens are impeccably maintained but sometimes they overshadow the spectacular views.

IMG_9243 v3 bw



25 Intentional Camera Movement

It was a dark and stormy night.  Cliché?  Definitely!  Oh, and did I mention windy?  I was standing on the edge of N. Boulevard of the Presidents, just between St Armand’s Key and Lido Key.  We pulled off onto the grass where we had a line of sight to the Ringling Bridge and Sarasota in the background, hoping for a glimpse of the waning Super Moon rising behind the bridge.

Alas, I had grabbed the wrong tripod, and try as I might, I could not get it to hold steady in the gusting winds.   So, I made lemonade! In intentionally moved my camera and voilà, I got a pic for this theme.



2 A Stranger

Gaslight Gourmet Cookie in Cincinnati has a window that eliminates the need for actually entering the shop to get your coffee.  Cynthia was (wo)manning the window on Ludlow Avenue as we passed by in August.

She has a dazzling smile and a winning personality, so if you find yourself in Cincinnati, stop by and get your cookie and caffeine fix there and hopefully visit Cynthia, a stranger no longer!